Culture is a tool for promoting social integration, and a driving force for economic growth and the creation of jobs; above all, it is an important factor for personal development. For young generations, in particular, participation in cultural events is an opportunity for growth and education.

Exhibitions in Rovigo and Padua

By staging important exhibition events at Palazzo Roverella, in Rovigo, and at Palazzo del Monte di Pietà, in Padua, Fondazione aims to:

  • Broaden the local offer of cultural events that can attract an influx of visitors from other areas, thus making a tourist impact not only on Rovigo and Padua, but on the entire surrounding area, while promoting it as a tourist destination;
  • Enhance the standing of historical and artistic assets in the area;
  • Increase the value of professional skills of any local players or stakeholders, while urging them to become actively involved in and cooperate with the hospitality industry.

From 2006 to 2019 Fondazione has staged

in Rovigo
in Padua
million euros

Some of the exhibits held in Rovigo: Divisionism – The light of the modern, A Nordic obsession – Böcklin, Klimt, Munch and Italian painting, The Nabis, Gauguin and the Italian avant-garde as well as Japonism– Winds from the East in European art.

Some of the exhibits held in Padua have included: Pietro Bembo and the invention of the Renaissance and Revolution Galileo


Fondazione has thus far produced 9 Segnavie events, a series of high-level conferences aimed at exploring new subjects while gaining new perspectives in the cultural and social domain. Guests have included such Nobel-prize winners and internationally acclaimed thinkers as: Jacques Attali, Zygmunt Bauman, Fritjof Capra, Michael Sandel, Michael Spence, Kerry Kennedy, Dambisa Moyo and many others. Since 2009 Fondazione has allocated 1.7 million euros for this project.


Since 2012 Fondazione has held the Musikè festival featuring theatrical productions, music and dance and bringing some of the biggest Italian and international names to the Padua and Rovigo area. Fondazione has allocated 2.7 million euros for a total of over 100 events.