Fondazione intends to raise the awareness of the residents and institutions of Padua and Rovigo about the importance of protecting the environment by teaching them how to use the resources carefully and rationally and promoting initiatives for the positive and responsible use of the territory.

MAB Unesco Po Delta Biosphere Reserve

The Po delta is the only existing delta in Italy. It is an area of great environmental interest whose biological characteristics are virtually one of a kind. Its rich biodiversity is proven by the presence of 16 Natura 2000 sites, related habitats and protected species. In 2015, thanks to a structured approach by Fondazione, and funds amounting to €530,000, the Po Delta area became part of the worldwide network of Biosphere Reserves of the MAB program (Man and Biosphere – Uomo e Biosfera UNESCO).

Bicycle lanes

From 2003 to 2018 Fondazione financed a number of bike lane projects in the Padua and Rovigo provinces by injecting over 10.7 million euros.