Health is an essential requisite for the well-being of the individual, families and communities. It is the foundation of economic and social development, producing benefits for society as a whole and in all sectors. According to the strategy of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the European Region, our priorities are the prevention and control of chronic, non-communicable diseases, which are the main cause of mortality and disability on a global level.

Large medical and diagnostic equipment for hospitals

Fondazione helps local hospitals buy expensive medical equipment.

Its aim is to raise the quality standard of the medical services in the Padua and Rovigo provinces, laying particular emphasis on preventive healthcare. Each year Fondazione allocates on average about 2.5 million euros on this kind of equipment. Fondazione allocated 15.5 million euros from 2013 to 2018.

Sports facilities Project

Between 1997 and 2017, through its SPV Auxilia Spa, Fondazione built 6 sports centers in the Padua and Rovigo provinces. These facilities, which have been made available to municipal districts, serve a population coming from up to 30 municipalities.

The objective of this project, for which Fondazione has allocated over €22.5 million, is twofold: to reduce the lack of sports facilities in the area, encouraging young people to play sports, while fostering the professional growth of architects and engineers under 40 who have been asked to design the facilities.