Fondazione draws inspiration from the concept of “inclusive growth” promoted by the European Union with the Europe 2020 strategy and it intends to experiment with and support actions that can improve the level of social inclusion of people in difficulty, by helping them to reach a higher level of autonomy and urging the establishment of territorial networks that support and promote this change.

Jobs fund

The Jobs Fund project was launched in 2009 to address the problem of unemployment in the Padua and Rovigo provinces. The fund’s goal is to form partnerships, through grant funding, with public, private and civil society organizations on projects that will significantly help boost employment creation.

Alzheimer project

Fondazione supports this project, whose key goal is to help caregivers of Alzheimer patients deal with the problems related to the disease by providing psychological and legal assistance. Caregivers benefit from the project by understanding how to better take care of a person suffering from Alzheimer.